E nasol sa fii retard

Am (re)gasit aberatia asta de clip la TLP.

Daca omu o ia asa cu banana, care se potriveste perfect in mana si in gura, atunci de ce nu ne indeamna toate bisericile la futai in toate felurile posibile cu orice ocazie? Pai pula se potriveste perfect in pizda, si curbura merge de minune mai ales la un 69.

Reiau intrebarea: de ce nu observa astia ca pula se potriveste perfect in pizda si in gura? De ce nu ne invata si sfatuieste biserica sa o tinem numa intr-un futai? Ca daca ei considera ca potrivirile astea perfecte vine de la dumnezeu in cazul babanei bananei, sa fie si ei consecventi si sa vorbeasca si de celelalte potriviri perfecte.


6 Responses

  1. Păi biserica ni poate, căci dobitocii nici astăzi nu s-au lămurit ce-a făcut Jizăs până la 33 de ani: a făcut sex, sau nu? (Nu cred că s-a clarificat nici disputa cu privire la defecaţia mântuitorului.)

    Poate că personajul era impotent, sau poponar, sau cine ştie. Aşa că… subiect tabu.

    Un alt fel de profet avea însă opinii sănătoase: “It is absolutely essential that you get out of boring Brussels for once and come to Paris, and I for my part have a great desire to go carousing with you. If I had an income of 5000 francs I would do nothing but work and amuse myself with women until I went to pieces. If there were no Frenchwomen, life wouldn’t be worth living. But so long as there are grisettes [prostitutes], well and good!” (from a letter Friedrich Engels wrote to Karl Marx in 1846)

  2. Plus ca banana asta de care vorbeste bovinul este banana “domestica”, aparuta prin (piei, satana!) mutatie spontana! Iete cum arata banana salbatica: mare, urata, plina de samburi…

    Sweet bananas are mutants

    These historical bananas were not the sweet yellow banana we know today, but the red and green cooking variety, now usually referred to as plantains to distinguish them from the sweet type.

    The yellow sweet banana is a mutant strain of the cooking banana, discovered in 1836 by Jamaican Jean Francois Poujot, who found one of the banana trees on his plantation was bearing yellow fruit rather than green or red. Upon tasting the new discovery, he found it to be sweet in its raw state, without the need for cooking. He quickly began cultivating this sweet variety.

  3. Argumentul meu preferat este altul.

  4. Nu e bine, orgasmul ala e “fake”.

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