Dragoste crestineasca. In biserica.

And in those days there appeared in Alexandria a female philosopher, a pagan named Hypatia, and she was devoted at all times to magic, astrolabes and instruments of music, and she beguiled many people through Satanic wiles…A multitude of believers in God arose under the guidance of Peter the magistrate…and they proceeded to seek for the pagan woman who had beguiled the people of the city and the prefect through her enchantments. And when they learnt the place where she was, they proceeded to her and found her…they dragged her along till they brought her to the great church, named Caesarion. Now this was in the days of the fast. And they tore off her clothing and dragged her…through the streets of the city till she died. And they carried her to a place named Cinaron, and they burned her body with fire. (John of Nikiû – sursa)

Deci, ne-am inteles? Au dus-o la biserica, i-au rupt hainele, dupa care au tarat-o pe strazi. Alte surse zic ca ar fi omorat-o fix in biserica. Oricum a fost, individu care relateaza nu pare deranjat de dovezile de dragoste crestineasca afisate, ca doar stiinta=magie iar cunoasterea= satanism. Si dinozaurii sunt pusi in pamant sa ne testeze credinta si alte aberatii, numanuma sa isi pastreze si intareasca propria deluzie. Sictir bah, ca nu va mai faceti bine!

2 Responses

  1. misoginismul, e unul dintre motivele pt care urasc crestinismul, defapt religiile in general..vezi islamul, si conditia femeii acolo…

  2. […] sir, in care imi voi aminti periodic diverse scene. Iar asta in conditiile in care stiam povestea Hypatiei, despre care am mai […]

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